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Ways to Transform Glass Jars Into Beautiful Candle Holders

Candles are an integral part of festivals and holiday celebrations. And, as the festival season is just going to arrive, you must be looking for beautiful candles to lit-up your house with happiness. You may get a number of beautiful candles in the market, but what is better than decorating home with your own homemade beautiful jar candles? Sometimes we don’t notice, but there are a number of things available in our house with which we can transform a simple candle into a beautiful jar candle.
Today, we will share some simple and innovative ideas with which you can add a touch of beauty and style to your simple candles.

Empty glass jars are easily available in everybody’s house. Those may be old and you are not using them considering as waste, but they are not that useless as you think they are. Just take them out and clean properly before transforming into beautiful jar candles. You may also use glass tumblers for the purpose.

So, let’s start with the top 5 ways of decorating glass jars in beautiful jar candles

Shimmery Glass Jars

Festive season is going to arrive, so why not to give a bright shimmery touch to ordinary candles. Lighting them up on Christmas night will increase the glow of your house. Let’s take a look on simple steps of converting simple jars into shimmery candles jars.

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Material Required
  1. Glass Jars/ Glass tumblers/ Glass candle stands etc.
  2. Glue (you can also use special glue for glass)
  3. Gold/ Silver and white shimmer
  4. 2 paint brushes
  5. Candles (that can easily fit into the jars)

  • Take the glass jars and clean them up thoroughly to remove all the dust particles from the surface.
  • Mix different kinds of shimmer together to get a beautiful blend of gold, silver and white or you can also use only gold or silver shimmer. So, just do it the way you like.
  • Now, take a paint brush and apply glue to the whole outer surface of the jar.
  • After applying glue, it’s time to dust shimmer on its surface. You can do it by pouring shimmer using a glass over the jar, while rotating it constantly, so that it will get an even coverage throughout.
  • Now, allow these jars to rest for at least an hour or till the time you find them completely dry.
  • At this point, you get a beautiful shimmered glass jar, but it is still required to make sure that the shimmer will remain stick to the jar for a really long time.
  • Just, take another paint brush and brush it over the jar to remove excess of shimmer.
  • At the end, use this paint brush to apply a thin layer of glue over the shimmer, this layer will make sure that shimmer will remain stick to the jar for long.
  • Leave these jars untouched overnight and you will find them ready to use the next morning.

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Glass Jars Decorated With Fabric

Using fabrics on glass jars is one of the easiest way of transforming a simple jar into beautiful decorative candle jar. Either you can use cuttings of different fabrics for making a combination of colors, or you can simply wrap a single beautiful fabric around the jar, to give them a whole new look. 

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Material Required
  • Fabrics
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sponge brush (for applying glue on jar)
  • Glass Jar/ Glass tumbler
  • Candles (that can fix easily inside the jars)

  •  If you are using a combination of different fabrics, just take them and cut into strips of 1cm which should be as long as the height of jar.
  • After that, cover the outer surface of the jar with glue by using a sponge brush.
  • Start pasting the long strips of fabric on jar carefully one after another without leaving any space in between.
  • When the whole jar is covered, cut down the extra pieces of cloth from jar for giving a finishing touch to it.
  • If you are using a single piece of cloth, it can be pasted only in one go, but then take care of its finishing.
  • You can use small stones or ribbons over these jars (as per your liking) to further enhance their look.
  • Set a candle inside the jar, and it is all ready to light up your house in a trendy way.

Glass Jars Decorated With Stones

Another very simple and innovative idea of decorating glass jars is by using stones. You can use stones of different colors or same colors (as the way you like) to cover the glass jar. 

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Material Required
  • Flat base stones (choose color and size as per your preference)
  • Glue
  • Glass jars/ Glass tumblers
  • Brush (for applying glue to the stones)
  • Candles (that can fix easily under the jars)
  • Just take a glass jar and flat base stones, start attaching stones to the jar one by one with the help of glue.
  • Either you can apply glue to the jar or to the stones, but applying glue to the stones before attaching them would be cleaner option.
  • Cover the whole surface of jar with stones and allow your jar to rest for some time.
  • Your candle glass jar is now ready to use, just fix a candle inside and lit it up.
Beach Candle Glass Jars

Beach candle glass jar is a totally different than every other jar decorating idea, it will bring the beauty of beach into your small glass jar or tumbler. You can use it as a showpiece at the daytime and candle at the night. These candles are perfect to celebrate the spirit of holidays.

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Material Required
  • Sand (white sand / brown sand)
  • Small shells
  • Candle
  • Glass Jar

  • Take a glass jar and pour some sand into it (you can also mix sand of different colors).
  • Fix a candle at the center of the sand.
  • Now, add small shells around the candle (you can also add starfishes or other seaside stones), over the sand to give it a look of beach.
  • Your candle glass jar is ready, show off it to others as a work of your creativity.

Click here to watch the video of making beautiful jar candles: 

Glass Jars Decorated With Transparent Paper:

An extremely simple way to decorate glass jars is by using cuttings of transparent paper. Cut the paper as per the shape you like to have and attach them to the surface of jar.
Read more to know how.

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 Material Required

1. Transparent Paper
2. Glass jars / Glass tumblers
3. Glue
4. Scissors
5. Candle (that can fix easily under the jars)

  • Take some transparent papers and cut them into different beautiful shapes such as circles, stars or flowers (or anyone else as per your liking), with the help of scissors.
  • When you have enough cuttings, apply glue to the outer surface of the jar and start pasting these cuttings on the surface one after another.
  • Overlapping of cuttings can also be done.
  • When you cover the surface completely with different paper cutting, let your jar rest aside for some time.
  • Now, set a candle inside the jar, and it is ready to use.
  • These were some simple ways that can change the whole look of your home from simple to glamorous this festive season. Enjoy showing your creativity to others and get their praise in return.
  • But, if you don’t have time to make these candles at home, just buy them only from a trusted brand such as Yankee Candles, Chesapeake Bay Candle etc. So, enjoy your festivals with the beauty and brightness of candles and we wish you all the happiness this festive season.

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