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Fall Candles Decorating Ideas for a Fabulous Candlelight Dinner

Fall is the season when climate undergoes a change and slowly adapts cool breezes of winter from hot summer waves. It is a season of love, beauty when new flowers of autumn start to bloom. And fall candles make the whole atmosphere more romantic with their enchanting fragrances. It is one of the favorite season of candle lovers for burning candles with warm and spicy scents.

A number of decorative candles are available in the market specialized with scents that give a warm feeling to the ambience. It is indeed the best time to plan a romantic dinner date with the special one or with the loved ones. For making this dinner date unique, you just need to have a dinner table decorated with fall candles, your loved ones and delicious food.

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Today, under this post we will discuss some simple fall candle decorating ideas for a fabulous candlelight dinner. The ideas will be really simple and you will be able to apply them all by yourself. So, let’s talk more about them.

Simple and Inexpensive Decorating Ideas for a Fabulous Candlelight Dinner:

Candles are such brilliant pieces of fragrance and decoration that you don’t need to shell out extra bucks for making a dinner date special. Some simple techniques can do it all. Instead of buying expensive candle stands, just go for some unconventional candles stands. Read the ways given below of making beautiful candle arrangements with tools available at home.

1. Using Plate as a Candle Stand 
  1. A simple plate can help in doing a beautiful candle arrangement.
  2. You just need to place the fall candle at the centre of the plate covering its remaining portion with dry leaves or flowers.
  3. This will not only cover the plate, but also completely eliminate the need of an expensive candle stand. 
2. Using a Tumbler or Jar
  1. Using a glass tumbler or jar can also do the trick. 
  2. Either simply put the candle inside the jar or decorate it yourself by following the useful tips given here: Ideas of decorating glass jars (please hyperlink with another blog).
3.Decorating Simply with a Candle
  1. In case you are opting this decorating method of not using any candle stand, you are advised to choose a long pillar candle at the centre of the table.  
  2. This candle will give an even throw of light throughout the table and will also burn for long, simply eliminating the need of a candle stand.
Grand Decorating Ideas for a Fabulous Candlelight DinnerIf you want a feeling of grandness and royalty, you can also use other fancy lights along with fall decorative candles to light up the ambience in a whole new manner. Different decorating ideas are given below, just take a look.

Make your Garden a Special Venue for the Dinner Date
  1. It is a good idea to organize the dinner in your beautiful garden or in an open space.
  2. It will let you enjoy the weather and allow you to use the plants or tress around very creatively to lit-up the whole space. 
  3. Use hanging candle stands or lanterns and hang them on trees and plants around the table. You don’t need any specific pattern to make it look beautiful, but any random arrangement can also do wonders.
  4. Along with hanging candles around, also don’t forget to place a fall candle in the middle of the table for that necessary glow and fragrance.
Decoration of Dining Area
  1. If you want to enjoy the dinner in your dining area, then using candle chandelier will make the whole space look perfect for your loved ones.
  2. Along with the chandelier make a nice arrangement of fall candles and flowers at the centre of the table as well. 
  3. This will enhance the whole ambience with lights and scent.
Best Fall Candles Fragrances While arranging these special candlelight dinners, don’t forget to choose the fragrance of fall candles wisely. List of seven best candle fragrances for fall season are given below:
1. Spiced Pumpkin
2. Rich vanilla and fig
3. Cinnamon & Clove Buds
4. Apple
5. Spicy Cardamom
6. Floral blend of cinnamon, rose, orange and cloves and
7. Maple Butterscotch
These fragrances will calm your senses and will give you an ultimate feeling of comfort, romance and warmth.

Along with decorating your dinner table with fall candles, you can also use them to lit-up the path to that special place, e.g. A ray of fall decorative candles through your garden to lobby to the special dining area. Refreshing fragrance of fall candles will give a warm welcome to your special guests.

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