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Home Decorating Ideas for New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve, a time to celebrate the arrival of New Year. This is a special evening filled with emotions, past memories and future expectations. It is always good to have all the friends and dear ones around during this time, to celebrate the arrival of New Year and also to bid adieu to the present year. As we are talking about celebrations, it is a fabulous idea to organize a New Year’s eve party at your place. Invite your friends, spend some quality time together and welcome New Year with the spirit of love and togetherness.To help you make your party livelier,  I am here to share some home decoration ideas. These easy ideas can transform the whole look and feel of your home and makes it look more welcoming.

Decoration ideas given below are really simple and you can get all the required material easily at home.

Making Star Garlands:

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Garlands of shiny glittery paper stars are perfect for making your place ready for party. The material required for making them is given below:

Material Required:
  1. Glitter poster board
  2. Glue
  3. A nylon thread
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue stick
  6. A star template
  1. Put star template on the back of glitter poster board and draw several pieces that would be required in making a garland.
  2. Cut those pieces and start applying glue on the back side of the pieces in a straight line to attach the thread.
  3. Now attach the thread and apply glue on other corners of the stars as well for attaching one more cutting of star to it from the back.
  4. Keep repeating the process to make a long garland of stars.
  5. You can use this garland to hang on door sides, windows and on rooms’ ceiling etc.

Make a Nice Table Arrangement: 

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Tables play an important role when it comes to party, it is a place around which everyone shares good and bad memories of past and make wishes for the best in future. 

So, decorate them to grab the attention of your guests. Some table decorating ideas are given below:
  1. Spread pieces of different shapes on the top of the table cover such as circles, stars or bells made from sparkled paper.
  2. Light some candles at the center of your table to make it look beautiful and attractive.
  3. Decorate glasses by adding some sparkle on their top and sides before pouring a drink and put them on the table.
Make Beautiful Flowers Arrangement:

Flowers add beauty and fragrance to the whole ambience. Flowers will help your guests in feeling relaxed. If you are not interested in using other expensive decorative items, usage of simple flowers can do the trick.
  1. Put some fresh flowers in your flower vases. Either place them in the corners of the party hall or in the center of the table, your guests will just going to love them.
  2. Arrangement of white flowers and golden sparkle really goes well together, so if you are using white flowers, also try to use some golden glitter around. 
Make Some Beautiful Arrangement with Candles:


Candles are perfect for decoration of indoor and outdoor spaces. They will increase the beauty and also light up the whole ambience. Their variety of shapes, sizes and colors will let you choose the best for the party venue. So, either make them stand on the table or let them float on water bowls, they will light up the whole space with a light of positivity. 
  1. Make a nice arrangement of candles in the middle of the table.
  2. Put some candles at the entrance of your house to make it more welcoming.
  3. Light up some scented candles on the side table of your party hall to spread a sweet aroma, just perfect for the party.
 Use Helium Balloons

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Balloons will make your guests remember the days of their childhood. Balloons will bring back their sweet memories and lift their spirits.

  1. Using party balloons is also a good idea to make your home party ready.
  2. Use balloons of colors like golden, red, and silver etc. that will look bright and adds on to the party mood.
These were some of the best home decorating  ideas that you can try while throwing the coming New Year’s Eve party. Prepare the guest list, make arrangements in advance, use these decorating ideas and give a wholehearted welcome to New Year, 2016.

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