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How to make Scented Soy Candles

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Different types of eco-friendly candles are available, but Soy candles are the most popular among them. Soy wax is made from Soybean oil by following simple process that includes extraction of oil and its hydrogenation. No chemicals are added and that’s why it is totally safe and natural.

If you want to try your hand in the preparation of Soy wax candles, here you can get the ideas. The process is really simple. Soy wax is not really difficult to handle, there is need to follow the right procedure. Scented Soy candles have an added advantage that along with spreading a nice aroma, they are a source of relaxation as well. They last for longer and are safe and biodegradable.

Materials Required for Making Scented Soy Candles:

Soy candles are made from Soy wax and it is necessary to add scent for making scented Soy candles. So, the two most important ingredients required for making scented Soy candles are Soy wax and scent. Take a note of the other important ingredients required for making scented Soy candles that are given below:

1. Soy wax – 

For calculating the amount of wax required, it is recommended to use twice the amount of wax flakes of the size of your glass. Suppose, the glass can hold 1 cup of water, then you would  require 2 cups of wax flakes.

2. Fragrance/Scent of your choice

3. Old glass jars or tea cups (for making candles)

4. Boiling water (for melting wax flakes)

5. Candle wicks

6. Sticky tape (for holding the candle wicks vertically)

7. Candle dye (of any color you like)

Now, let’s discuss about the procedure of making scented Soy wax candles. Before starting the process, make sure that you have all the necessary materials required. Now, take a look at the steps of making candles given below:

  • Clean the Container/Glass Thoroughly

The procedure starts with the cleaning of candle containers or glasses that you are using for making candles. Rinse them with water and make sure that no dust particle should remain inside. Also, let them dry properly before moving further.

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  • Set the Candle Wick: 

Second step that follows after cleaning and drying of candle containers is setting of candle wick. You can use sticky tapes to hold the wick at the bottom of jar. Other than sticky tapes, use of tiny metal disks is also a suitable option which you can place at the bottom of the glass to get a nice hold of candle wick. Once you are done with the bottom, it’s time to tie it up from the top to keep it stretched and centered while pouring the wax. You can use clips or pencils for that purpose, or anything else that can go well with the size of your container and can hold the wick taut. Just make sure that the wick of your candle should not get displaced while pouring in the wax.
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  • Melting of Soy Wax: 

Here comes the third step that includes melting of Soy wax. Soy wax can be melted either by using a double boiler or a microwave. Go for any option which you find is more convenient.Pour water into the lower part of the double boiler and wax flakes on the upper part. Heat the boiler on medium flame and let the wax flakes melt completely. Stir occasionally until all the lumps are gone.For melting wax flakes in microwave, put the flakes into a heat proof jug, microwave it for one minute and take the flakes out for stirring. Repeat this process until all the flakes will melt properly without leaving any lump.

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  • Add Fragrance and Color: 

When the wax melts completely, it is the idle time to change the whole look of your candle by adding fragrance and color. Add a few drops of candle color and essential oil that are made especially for candles. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves while adding color or fragrance, to avoid contact with skin.

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  • Add Melted Wax in Containers: 

Fragrance and color, both mixed well in the melted wax. Now, it’s time to pour this melted wax into glasses or containers that you are using for making candles. And hold the clip or pencil to avoid the movement of wick, and pour the melted wax gently so that the wick should not displace from its position.

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Let the candle set for some time, at least for 3 hours before proceeding to the next step. The wax will start becoming hard slowly, but then also handle it carefully otherwise either the candle shape will worsen or wick will displace from its position.

Unknot the pencil from the wick and use  scissors or wick trimmer to trim it to 1 or 1.5 inches. 

Wait, this is not the right time to use your beautiful scented Soy candle. Let them harden completely, allow them to rest overnight or for 10 to 11 hours before using.

Soy candles are not only easy to make, but they are having many other benefits as well. They burn completely and are soot free leaving zero toxins and pollutants behind. These candles have a great scent throw and longer burning duration. They are environmental friendly and biodegradable.

Make these beautiful candles at your home, either gift them to your loved ones or use them as a piece of d├ęcor or relaxation at your home. 

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