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How to Make Scented Candles?

Since ancient times the process of making candles has been part of our lives. Many of us are aware of the multipurpose use of candles as they are meant for either decoration purpose, for adding fragrance to your room or are at times used in case of emergency when there is an electricity cut.

Candles really make your atmosphere in the room warm and also lightens up the surroundings. A scented candle is an amazing thing as it provides a sweet aroma that actually rejuvenates your senses. These smelling candles can actually keep your room fresh and also simultaneously add warmth and light. You can also gift them to your loved ones as personalized gifts if you know their favorite fragrance and color.

They serve the dual purpose as they can be used for home decoration and also add fragrance to your room. Now the question is where to get them. You have two options, either buy them from a nearby store or try your hands in candle making process.

Do you find making of scented candles a tough thing to do? Not exactly it’s not that tough to make candles if you know the proper methodology to do it. As the making process of scented candles doesn’t take much time of yours.
It’s a simple process of blending together your favorite scent and color.

Firstly you need to make a list of the materials which you need to use in the making process of candles. Do purchase each and every item from the grocery store as things should always be readily available to avoid last minute chaos.

Let’s start one by one with the steps of making scented candles and also go through each image which can give you better clarity about the process.

Materials required are as follows:
  • Essential oils
  • Pre-waxed candle wicks
  • Wax Flakes
  • Candle Containers
  • Crayon which should be non-toxic 

List of tools required are as follows:

  • Scissors
  • Stove
  • Tape
  • Glass container
  • Saucepan or pot
  • Skewers or chopsticks

Now let us discuss the actual making process here:

  1. Clean the containers properly with a soap bar.
  2. To set up the candlewicks in your containers, you’ll want to lay the metal piece flat against the bottom. Then use your chopsticks/skewers to hold up the wicks, and tape the ends of the chopsticks to keep everything in place.
    set up the candlewicks
    Image Source:
  3. Secondly you need to measure the total amount of candle wax flakes that are required for each container. You need to fill the wax flakes twice the quantity in each of the containers.
    measure the wax flakes
    Image Source:
  4. Take a saucepan and then fill it with water. The water level should be so as to make sure that it doesn’t get into the wax container. Make sure container is immersed into water at an optimum level. Make use of a metal spoon to stir it occasionally. 
    heat the wax in water
    Image Source:
  5. Time to add your favorite color to the candle: If you won’t add any color then candles will be of normal white color that is of the wax. Better to add nontoxic colors like pink or red whatever you desire.
    add pink color to wax
    Image Source:
  6. Add your favorite scent to the candle: Once it melts add scent to the candle. It depends on you whether you want highly scented candle or not. The essential oil should be mixed well in the candle otherwise the smell distribution will not be uniform.
    add scent to candle
    Image Source:
  7. The containers should be at the right place to make sure wax can be poured into them properly without any obstruction. Don’t move them for next few hours.
    pour wax into container
    Image Source:
  8. Let candle wax settle down: Make sure there are no cracks in the candle wax and it’s distributed evenly. Let it cool at room temperature and cooling process should be gradual.
    wax settling down
    Image Source:

Each of the above methods have been tried and tested at home. These directions have helped me to make scented candles that too with great success. But make sure never skip any of the methods as it may unnecessarily disturb the whole candle making process.
Try these methods safely at home and share your experiences with me.

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